1. Sugar. Just like cocaine only cheaper. Want to reduce your sugar intake? This 1-day meal plan will set you on the right path. 


  2. You think I’m sweet? You should see my soda. Discover 5 more foods with hidden sugar


  3. Eating excess sugar is like being a teenager all over again. Need more reasons to kick refined sugar? Here are our top 5


  4. A little more wine. A little less Type 2 diabetes. #dishingdirty by AbesMarket.com


  5. I take my sex like my coffee - strong, hot and daily. #dishingdirty by AbesMarket.com


  6. Mmmm, orgasmic… I mean, organic chocolate. #dishingdirty by AbesMarket.com


  7. Who needs perfume when you’ve got sweat. #dishingdirty


  8. I can’t wait to use the elliptical after the January gym posers leave. #dishingdirty


  9. Let’s create resolutions we’ll break by the end of January. #dishingdirty


  10. "Hottest Trend for 2014? Muffin Tops!" - said no one, ever. #dishingdirty